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About Us

Our journey began at the ramp up of the industry. Principals of our team absorbed the technology and ideas of the Internet and created one of the early and award winning community sites -

Community sites evolved into social networking sites and Tatu Digital continues to provide cutting edge educators and businesses ways to connect and deliver their message to the world using a variety of tools.

We have many methods for delivering our clients’ message online. Each client is unique and we strategize to find the appropriate online medium for each project. We are a versatile team, and we know how to keep messages current and effective.

Our philosophy as a business, and part of a global community – is to be forever aware of the mark we make upon the web and the world.

Our passion is creating original, valuable business marks for the web that demonstrate the best our clients and we have to offer.

Who we are: Tatu Digital Media is a group of writers, designers, coders, strategists, project managers, and marketers with over 15 years of experience in producing web-based business
campaigns for a variety of clients and industries.

What we do: We design unique business marks that are web-based and are used to extend our clients’ business reach on the web and beyond.

We invite you to contact us and discuss options specific to your business goals.
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Every client has unique needs. When we first meet a client, our number one priority is to listen and gather information about those needs. We do this with the skills of our team and our partners in mind. Then we come back to you with options on how to achieve your goals and explain it to you clearly and concisely. We give you a bid on the work and we stand behind it. We don't like project creep and we do our best to ensure that your needs are met within budget and on time.

If you have a need and we don't have the tools, we'll tell you who does, and help you get the job done. We'll put together a custom team of designers, coders and developers to make your mark on the web a reality.

Phone: 408.216.7423 or 415.990.3991
Fax: 408.216.7423
Mailing Address:
Tatu Digital Media
1702 -L Meridian Ave
San Jose, Ca, 95125

We’re proud to have gained recognition for our work over the years. Here are a few and the sites that won notice. 2001 - Rashomon Cafe
Site of the Day- 2001 - ONTHERAIL
Top 5 food sites on the internet- ONTHERAIL
Flash Movie Festival, Amsterdam Best story, 2001 - Rashomon Cafe
Webby Award Nominee 2002 - ONTHERAIL
Media Inspiration top 10 Award 2003
Yahoo Pick of the week 2003 - ONTHERAIL
Web Marketing Association 2005
Standard of Excellence - Non-profit- Chefs for Humanity
Standard of Excellence - Restaurant- Campagne Restaurant
Standard of Excellence - Community- ONTHERAIL 2006
Gold Award- Corporate design-
Silver Award, Non-Profit- Chefs for Humanity
Design Firms Web Awards 2006 - Tatu Digital Media
Web Marketing Association 2006
Standard of Excellence - Non-profit- Chefs for Humanity

We are always looking for new insight and talent.
Current openings:

LAMP developer
AJAX Specialist
Flash designer with advance A-script skills
Production coders with extensive CSS and Dreamweaver skills
Designers in all media
Drop us a line and tell us about how you make your own impact on the web.

In 1769 James Cook landed in Tahiti. Among many other wondrous things, he discovered the natives decorated their bodies by piercing the skin and rubbing colored plant juices into the wound. When he wrote in his journal he called the markings a“Tatu”.

These marks have a deep meaning to those who wear them. In some cultures they bear deep religious significance, in some they protect the wearer from harm, in some they are ties of passage and in others they are an art form.

As we travel through the world we are often in awe of how people choose to make their mark on the world. Whether it is a tatu, a painting, a song, an action or a way of doing business, we all make our own individual mark on the world around us.

How do you make your mark?

Tatu Digital Media :: 1702 -L Meridian Ave, San Jose, Ca, 95125 :: 408.216.7423